This session highlights intraoperative complications, surprise, mishaps, and pitfalls that need intraoperative decision making in Primary Bariatric Surgery. Distinguished faculties will present videos of Pitfalls of Primary Bariatric Surgery. After each video presentation, the presenter, the directors, and co-directors will discuss, debate, and interact with the audience.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe Intraoperative decision making for intraoperative surprise, complication, and mishap.
  2. Describe Technical pitfalls in Primary Bariatric Surgery.
  3. Describe Bailout strategies in difficult situations.

8:00am Stapler misfire
Farah Husain, MD
8:10am MD: Technical issues with the Roux.
Kelvin Higa, MD
8:20am Roux en O gastric bypass
Abdelrahman Nimeri, MD
8:30am Nissen sleeve gastrectomy complications
David Nocca, MD
8:40am Challenge of linear stapled robotic bypass
Ann Rogers, MD
8:50am Obstruction
9:00am Intraoperative decision making from sleeve to bypass
Peng Charles Zhang, MD PhD
9:10am Manual vs linear stapler gastrojejunostomy: how to avoid complications.
Camilo Boza, MD
9:20am Difficult fundus
Alan A. Saber, MD MS
9:30am Adjourn