Physical activity after bariatric surgery is key to maintaining and improving health long- term. This session will explore the metamorphosis of the bariatric surgery athlete from the first-hand experiences of individuals who have had bariatric surgery and from the perspectives of the multidisciplinary integrated health providers. The building blocks needed to meet the physical, behavioral and nutritional demands for athletic performance within the framework of individuals after bariatric surgery will be discussed. The integrated health speakers will elucidate objective concepts based on best-evidence related to training, appropriate nutrition and cognitive behavioral strategies highlighting unique considerations for this group of athletes. The experiences, knowledge, and advice from individuals who have had bariatric surgery and pursued advanced athletic endeavors such as triathlons, and other athletic pursuits will be shared.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the unique considerations of an individual training for athletic performance after bariatric surgery.
  2. Describe the elements of a successful physical training plan for the bariatric athlete.
  3. Discuss basic nutritional adaptations in consideration of the bariatric surgery athlete.
  4. Identify behavioral strategies for self-efficacy, motivation, stress management.
  5. Identify physical training protocols or systems to achieve athletic performance.
  6. Explain potential pit-falls and concerns within the training process for the bariatric surgery athlete.

1:30pm Opening/introduction
Kellie Armstrong, MSN RN CBN; Catherine M Tuppo, PT MS
1:35pm MBS athlete (#1) perspective
1:50pm Exercise physiologist perspective
Angela Glauser, PhD Candidate
2:05pm Nutrition perspective:
2:20pm Behavioral perspective:
Genna Hymowitz, PhD
2:35pm MBS athlete (#2) perspective:
2:50pm Question/Answer/Wrap up
Catherine M Tuppo, PT MS; Kellie Armstrong, MSN RN CBN
3:00pm Adjourn