Kati Duncan, PsyD
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Assessment & Therapy Associates
  • Chesapeake, VA United States


Dr. Kati Duncan has worked in bariatrics since 2005 and specializes in pre-surgical assessment for individuals pursuing bariatric surgery and therapy for mood disorders. She is the owner and director of Assessment & Therapy Associates, a virtual private practice with 8 mental health providers focusing exclusively on bariatrics. She is a member of ASMBS and Virginia Bariatric Society and serves on the ASMBS Community/Independent Practice Committee. Dr. Duncan is also a registered telehealth provider in Virginia and holds a PSYPACT license mobility passport, meaning she is able to practice in over 40 additional U.S. States. To see the states in which Dr. Duncan and several of her providers are licensed in, please click on this link:https://psypact.org/mpage/psypactmap. Dr. Duncan can be reached at www.atabariatrics.com.