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Learning Objectives:

  1. Appreciate the anatomical and physiological factors behind resistant obesity.
  2. Recognize the psychological and nutritional aspects of resistant obesity.
  3. Value the timing and options of pharmacologic therapies after surgery.
  4. Realize the different endoscopic and surgical available interventions for non-responders after primary bariatric procedures.
  5. Understand the value of the multidisciplinary strategies in tackling resistant obesity.

Part One
8:00am Introduction
8:10am Resistant Obesity: Who, Why, When?
8:25am Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Non-Responders
8:40am Fad Diet versus Evidence Based Diet for Resistant Obesity
8:55am The Role of Physical Activity in the Treatment of Refractory Obesity
9:10am Question and Answer
9:30am Break
Part Two
10:00am Pharmacologic Approaches in the Post-Surgical Patient
10:20am Endoscopic Strategies for Non-Responders: Bridge or Definite Therapy?
10:40am Resistant Obesity Management: A Glance into the Future
11:00am Clinical Vignette: Debate amongst the Big Four
11:20am Patient’s Perspective
11:35am Question and Answer
12:00pm Lunch
Part One
1:30pm Introduction
Debate 1: After Band: Sleeve vs Gastric Bypass
1:35pm For Sleeve
1:45pm For Bypass
1:55pm How I do it: Sleeve to Duodenal Switch
Debate 2: After Sleeve: Gastric Bypass vs Duodenal Switch
2:10pm For Bypass
2:20pm For Duodenal Switch
2:30pm Video Medley: What is Complex?
2:45pm Question and Answer
3:00pm Break
Part Two
Debate 3: After Sleeve: OAGB vs SADI-S
3:30pm For OAGB
3:40pm For SADI- S
3:50pm How I do it: Sleeve to OAGB
Debate 4: After Bypass: Distalization vs Duodenal Switch
4:05pm For Distalization
4:15pm For Duodenal Switch
4:25pm How I do it: Gastric Bypass to Duodenal Switch
4:40pm Question and Answer
5:00pm Adjourn