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Define, discuss, and solve specific challenges in the treatment of people with obesity, obesity-related and metabolic diseases, and conditions. Describe the development and use of new techniques to achieve weight loss by surgery in obese patients. Discuss strategies to help patients with failed weight loss or weight regain. Identify creative options for patient follow up and monitoring.

Learning Objectives:

1:30pm A016 Magdi: Laparoscopic/Endoscopic Magnetic Side-To-Side Duodeno-Ileostomy
Authors: Michel Gagner, MD FRCSC FACS FASMBS; Lamees Almutlaq, MD FRCSC
1:40pm A017 Gastropericardial Fistula After Gastric Bypass: Workup And Management Of A Rare Complex Complication
Authors: Brian C Herritt, MD; Andrew Wheeler, MD
Presenter: Brian C Herritt, MD
1:50pm A018 An Overview Of Gastric Bypass Reversal Procedures
Authors: Karl Hage, MD; Kamal Abi Mosleh, MD; Barham Abu Dayyeh, MD; Benjamin Clapp, MD; Omar Ghanem, MD; Pearl Ma, MD FACS FASMBS ABOM; Travis McKenzie, MD; Marita Salame, MD; Ishna Sharma, MD
Presenter: Karl Hage, MD
2:00pm A019 Airport Drama: Afferent Loop Syndrome
Authors: Vadim Lyuksemburg, MD; Rami Lutfi, MD; John Mitko, MD; Francisco Quinteros, MD
Presenter: Vadim Lyuksemburg, MD
2:10pm A020 Laparoscopic Management Of Gangrenous Roux Limb Secondary To Adhesive Disease Following Gastric Bypass
Authors: William Hope, MD; Bestoun H Ahmed, MD FACS FASMBS FRCS ABOM
Presenter: William Hope, MD
2:20pm A021 Conversion Of Inadvertent Roux-En-O To Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass
Authors: Jason M Samuels, MD; Wayne English, MD
Presenter: Jason M Samuels, MD
2:30pm A022 Divided Limb Lengthening After Duodenal Switch: Why, When, And How
Authors: Peter Ng, FACS FASMBS MD; Dustin M Bermudez, MD; Lindsey S Sharp, MD; Linda M Youngwirth, MD
Presenter: Peter Ng, FACS FASMBS MD
2:40pm A023 Robot-Assisted Roux-En-Y Gastric Fistula-Jejunostomy For Chronic Proximal Staple Line Leak/Fistula
Authors: Mohamed I Elsheikh, MD MPH; Tyler Robinson, MD MPH; Andrea Stroud, M.D. M.S.; Sergio Toledo Valdovinos, MD
Presenter: Mohamed I Elsheikh, MD MPH
2:50pm Question & Answer/Closing
3:00pm Adjourn