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Define, discuss, and address specific challenges in treating individuals with obesity, obesity-related metabolic diseases, and associated conditions. Describe the development and utilization of new surgical techniques for weight loss in obese patients. Discuss strategies to assist patients experiencing failed weight loss or weight regain. Identify creative options for patient follow-up and monitoring.

8:00am Introduction
Marina Kurian, MD FACS FASMBS
8:15am A420 The Long Term (15 year) Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Conversion from Pre-Diabetes to Type II Diabetes Mellitus.
Authors: John J Nguyen-Lee, MD MEd; Michael J Furey, DO MSMED; Craig Wood, MS; Luis Pina, MD; Mark Mahan, DO; Ryan Horsley, DO; Benefsha Mohammad, MD; Alexandra Falvo, MD; Christopher D Still, DO; Peter Benotti, MD; Anthony Petrick, MD; Vladan Obradovic, MD; David M Parker, MD
Presenter: Luis Pina, MD
Discussant: Matthew Brengman, MD MSHA FASMBS
8:30am A266 Outcomes for knee arthroplasty candidates who undergo bariatric surgery: interim analysis of SWIFT trial results(This research was conducted with support by the Investigator-Initiated Study Program (Grant #ETH-14-621) of Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.)
Authors: Steven Em, MD; G Craig Wood, MS; Peter Benotti, MD; Manish Parikh, MD; Jonathan Samuels, MD; Ran Schwartzkopf, MD; Alexander McLawhorn, MD; Christine J Ren-Fielding, MD; James Browne, MD; Peter Hallowell, FACS FASMBS MD; Benjamin Ricciardi, MD; Brian McGrath, MD; Aaron Hoffman, MD; Christopher D Still, DO
Presenter: Steven Em, MD
Discussant: Wendy Brown, MBBS PhD FRACS
8:45am A461 Metabolic Disease Remission Rates after Gastric Bypass are Dependent on Pre-Operative Disease Severity: Use of a New Objective Metabolic Scoring System
Authors: Annie Wang, MD; Victoria Lyo, MD MTM FACS; John C. Lew, MS RD; Tiffany L. Wong, BS; Hazem N. Shamseddeen, M.D.; Shushmita M. Ahmed, MD; Mohamed R. Ali, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Annie Wang, MD
Discussant: Chris Daigle, FACS FASMBS MD
9:00am A478 Left Ventricular Assist Device and Bariatric Surgery: Outcomes from MBSAQIP
Authors: Scott Z Mu, MD MHS; Moamena El-Matbouly, MD; Alan A. Saber, MD MS
Presenter: Scott Z Mu, MD MHS
Discussant: Sarah Samreen, MD
9:15am A049 Survival Crossroads: Unveiling the Impact of Progressive Chronic Kidney Disease Stage on Post Operative Outcomes in Metabolic Surgery—A Propensity Matched Analysis
Authors: Florina Corpodean, MD; Michael Kachmar, DO; Kyle B LaPenna, PhD; Denise Danos, Dr., DO; Michael W Cook, MD; Philip Schauer, MD; Vance Albaugh, MD PhD
Presenter: Florina Corpodean, MD
Discussant: Pearl Ma, MD FACS FASMBS Diplomate of ABOM
9:30am Adjourn