The Assessment Based Certificate (ABC) in Obesity Medicine Pharmacology for the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Patient course is designed for Advanced Practice Providers including nurse practitioners, physician assistants and clinical nurse specialists who have been involved in the care of patients with severe obesity. The ABC course curriculum includes all educational components and will culminate with an exam, testing the knowledge of the attendee. Physicians and other Integrated Health members are invited to attend the course, but they are not eligible to sit for the certificate exam. The certificate exam will be offered the on Tuesday for Advanced Practice Providers only.

Learning Objectives

  1. Review patient selection and evaluation of potential candidates for
    pharmacological weight loss.
  2. Describe multimodal obesity management options for weight loss.
  3. Discuss the various pharmacological options available for weight loss.
  4. Explain how pharmacotherapy can be used in the preoperative and postoperative metabolic and bariatric surgery patient.

8:00am Decision Tree for non-responders
Holly F Lofton, MD
Adjuvant to Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery & Devices
8:40am Indications for Surgery and Devices
Karen Flanders, MSN CNP CBN
8:55am Preoperative Use and Indication for AOMs
9:30am Break
10:00am Operative Considerations
Marguerite Dunham, DNP CRNP FNP-BC CBN
10:15am Postoperative AOM Use indications
Other Considerations and Special Populations
10:50am Special Populations - Elderly and Pregnancy
Nate Sann Sann, FNP-BC FASMBS-IH
11:00am Special Populations- Pedi/Adolescents
Lina Alkhaled
11:10am Programmatic Planning and Considerations
Ginny Ledbetter, MSN APRN ACNS-BC CBN
11:30am Insurance and Other Payment Options
Erica Amianda, MHA PA
11:50am Question and Answer
12:00pm Adjourn