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Discuss various ways of creating a surgical anastomosis, including pros and cons. Describe ways to assess limb lengths and consider varying outcomes with different limb lengths.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe different methods of construction of gastrojejunostomy, jejujunostomy, and duodenoileostomy, according to patient anatomical factors.
  2. Identify pros and cons of each type of method, including potential risk for complications and revisions.
  3. Describe proper mesenteric closure JJ, II, Petersen.

10:15am Introduction
RYGB Construction: Gastrojejunostomy:
10:18am Circular technique technique
10:27am Linear stapled
10:36am Handsewn
10:45am Question and Answer
Jejunostomy Construction:
10:52am Bidirectional stapled technique
11:01am Double stapled technique
11:10am Stapled and handsewn
11:19am Completely handsewn
11:28am Question and Answer
Duodenoileostomy Creation:
11:35am Stapled
11:44am Handsewn anastomosis
11:53am Question and Answer
12:00pm Adjourn