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Learning Objectives

  1. Provide technical details of DS/SADI and OAGB procedures.
  2. Review current coding/billing for these procedures.
  3. Overview of the nutritional management and support of DS/SADI & OAGB patient.
  4. Share videos of complications and how to surgically intervene.

1:30pm Introduction
Elizabeth Hooper, MD FACS. FASMBS Diplomate ABOM FPD-MBS
1:35pm 10 year SADI outcomes
Antonio J Torres, MD PhD FACS (Hon) FASMBS
1:45pm DS/SADI Technique
Rana C Pullatt, MD
1:55pm OAGB Technique - important surgical landmarks
Helmuth T Billy, MD
2:05pm Coding/billing/Reimbursement for DS/SADI/OAGB
Sachin Kukreja, MD
2:15pm Nutritional guidelines Preop evaluations SADI/OAGB
Margaret Bova, MS RD CSOWM LDN
2:25pm Complications following SADI/DS, A video review
Elizabeth Hooper, MD FACS. FASMBS Diplomate ABOM FPD-MBS
2:35pm Longterm nutritional surveillance and deficiencies and management
Mary Gray Hixson, MPH RD CSOWM LDN
2:45pm Discussion
3:00pm Adjourn