Learning Objectives

  1. Appreciate the associations between obesity and hernia development and recurrence.
  2. Realize the need for preoperative optimization in patients with severe obesity and concomitant hernia.
  3. Describe the potential options for abdominal wall hernia management during bariatric surgery.
  4. Recognize the optimal timing for hernia repairs after weight loss.

8:00am Introduction
Omar M. Ghanem, MD
Ventral Hernia Repair: Obesity is My Biggest Enemy
8:03am Speaker
Salvatore Docimo, Jr., DO MS FASMBS
8:09am Discussion
Ventral Hernia and the Need to Lose Weight: What Are My Options?
8:21am Speaker
S. Julie-Ann Lloyd, MD PhD
8:27am Discussion
Bariatric Surgeon Here: I need Hernia Help
8:39am Speaker
Farah Husain, MD
8:45am Discussion
Had a Sleeve Last Week, Time to Schedule My Hernia Repair?
8:57am Speaker
Carlos Galvani, MD FACS
9:03am Discussion
9:15am Question and Answer
9:30am Adjourn