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9:40am A103 Marginal Ulcer And Dumping Syndrome In Patients After Duodenal Switch: A Multi-Centered Study
Authors: Marita Salame, MD; Kamal Abi Mosleh, MD; Barham Abu Dayyeh, MD; Muhammad Ghanem, MD; Omar Ghanem, MD; Karl Hage, MD; Michael Kendrick, MD; Romulo Lind, MD; Gilberto Ungson, MD; Andre Teixeira, MD
Presenter: Marita Salame, MD
9:46am A104 Outcomes Of Metabolic Surgery In Populations With Severe Obesity And Their Risk Of Developing Colorectal Cancer. Where Do We Stand? - A Systematic Review.
Authors: Daniel Tomey, MD; Victor Bolivar, MD; Halil Bulut, MS; Maria P Corzo, MD; NNENNA OSAGWU, MS; Rodolfo J Oviedo, MD FACS FASMBS FICS; Victor Pena, MD; Sachin Shetty, MS; Suman Shetty, BS
Presenter: Daniel Tomey, MD
9:52am A105 Can The Mbsaqip (Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery Accreditation And Quality Improvement Program) Bariatric Surgical Risk/Benefit Calculator Predict Postoperative Vte (Venous Thromboembolism) Risk After Bariatric Surgery?
Authors: Benjamin G Crisp, MD; Mohamed A Aboueisha, MD; John W Baker, MD FACS; Jacob M Broome, MS; Michael Z Caposole, DO MBS; Erin Coonan, BS; Carlos A Galvani, MD FACS FASMBS; Viktoriya S Grayson, BS; Shauna Levy, MD MS FACS FASMBS DABOM; Valeria P Noguera, MS
Presenter: Benjamin G Crisp, MD
9:58am A106 Use Of Lumen-Apposing Metal Stents In Treating Gastrojejunal Anastomotic Strictures In Bariatric Patients.
Authors: Jason M Samuels, MD; Jessica Ardila-Gatas, MD; Anthony Gamboa, MD; Matthew Spann, MD MMHC; Patrick Yachimski, MD MPH FASGE AGAF
Presenter: Jason M Samuels, MD
10:04am A107 Staple Line Oversewing Versus Buttressing Using The Polyglycolic Acid:Trimethylene Carbonate (Pga:Tmc) Material. A Meta-Analysis.
Authors: Zachary Malaussena, B.S.; Abdul-rahman F Diab, MD; Salvatore Docimo, Jr., DO MS FASMBS; Christopher G DuCoin, MD MPH FACS FASMBS; Joseph Sujka, MD
Presenter: Zachary Malaussena, B.S.