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Understand the OAGB position statement and endorsement by IFSO and ASMBS. Describe the best surgical approach to OAGB. Discuss the differences between OAGB and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Identify the optimal revision procedure options after sleeve gastrectomy weight recurrence.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the science behind OAGB & ESG.
  2. Discuss long term outcomes of OAGB & ESG
  3. Present videos of techniques performing OAGB & ESG.
  4. Discuss nutritional support and complications of OAGB & ESG.
  5. Review complications of OAGB & ESG
  6. Billing and coding of OAGB & ESG

TBA Preoperative Protocols and Nutritional Follow up for ESG
TBA The data behind ESG and why it is not a Sleeve Gastrectomy
TBA Technical Masterclass in performing ESG
TBA Patient Selection, Complications in performing ESG
TBA ESG -atypical complications- Novel management
TBA Question and Answer
9:00am Break
TBA OAGB Patient Selection- Who in my practice gets a OAGB
TBA Why OAGB is ready for Prime time, The data behind OAGB
TBA How I Do OAGB- Technical Pearls
TBA What not to do in a OAGB – Technical tips
TBA Do limb lengths need to be tailored
TBA Setting up a OAGB Program in the US, Billing, coding, selfpay tips
TBA OAGB as a revisional procedure
TBA Revisions after OAGB for complications and weight regain
TBA Preoperative protocols and Nutritional Follow up after OAGB
TBA Video Medley of Complications from OAGB
TBA Question and Answer
12:00pm Adjourn