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The 2016 ASMBS micronutrient guideline recommendations are well known and established. Here we take a deep dive into how experts are using these guidelines in practice. We will start by exploring the mechanisms of how common deficiencies arise due to anatomical changes from bariatric surgeries. Then discuss micronutrient management for procedures with high nutritional risk, such as SADI and DS. Next, we will walk through several case studies to show how the guidelines may differ from practice. And finally, wrap up with some practical skills in coaching that you can use to help your patients follow through and stay consistent with these well planned micronutrient interventions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how changes to anatomy after bariatric surgery lead to micronutrient deficiencies.
  2. Identify micronutrient management strategies for high risk procedures like SADI and DS.
  3. Increase competency in managing micronutrient deficiencies in complex cases where practice may differ from guidelines.
  4. Apply coaching techniques during patient counseling to increase adherence to micronutrient recommendations.

TBA Welcome/Intro
TBA Speaker 1 : Mechanisms
TBA Speaker 2: SADI/DS
TBA Speaker 3: Case Studies
TBA Speaker 4: Coaching for Adherence
TBA Discussions/Q and A
TBA Wrap up
3:00pm Adjourn