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Butterflies are beautiful but they also fly! This session will focus on the transforming effects of physical activity beyond weight loss. The impact of physical activity on weight loss will be discussed alongside the many other benefits that often receive less attention in our field. The audience will be challenged to implement programming that will promote physical activity among their patients with different interests, abilities, and backgrounds.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the impact of physical activity on weight loss outcomes in MBS patients.
  2. Identify benefits of physical activity beyond weight management.
  3. Describe important components of developing a physical activity program within an MBS center.

8:00am Welcome
David Creel, PhD RD CDCES; Kathi Ling, PT DPT WCC
8:05am The Impact of Physical Activity on Weight in the MBS patient
Dale Bond, Ph.D.
8:30am The Often-Overlooked Benefits of Physical Activity
Laura Richardson
8:55am Promoting Physical Activity in your MBS Program
Janet Huehls
9:20am Question and Answer
David Creel, PhD RD CDCES
9:30am Adjourn