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The session on medical tourism and patient migration in bariatrics aims to provide bariatric surgeons and healthcare professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon of patients traveling abroad for weight loss surgery. expert insights, case studies and interactive discussions, participants will explore the motivations, benefits, and risks associated with bariatric surgery tourism. The session will also address strategies for ensuring patient safety, maintaining quality care, and navigating ethical considerations in the context of medical tourism. By the end of the session, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to critically evaluate and manage patients undergoing bariatric surgery abroad while upholding ethical standards and promoting patient well-being.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the concept of medical tourism in bariatric surgery.Identify the factors driving patients to seek bariatric surgery abroad.
  2. Identify the factors driving patients to seek bariatric surgery abroad.
  3. Evaluate the potential benefits and risks associated with patients undergoing bariatric surgery outside their city, state and country.
  4. Explore strategies for ensuring patient safety and quality care in the medical tourism setting.
  5. Discuss ethical considerations and challenges related to medical tourism in bariatric surgery.

8:00am Introduction to Medical Tourism in Bariatrics and ethical considerations
Fernando Mier, MD
8:15am Bariatric surgery from a foreign providers perspective( benefits , risks, and challenges)
Adolfo Leyva-Alvizo, MD MEd FACS
8:30am Follow up care after remote bariatric surgery (risks, challenges, safety and quality of care)
Benjamin Clapp, MD FASMBS
8:45am Dietary considerations and education
Chelsea Johnson, MS RD LD CBC
9:00am Discussion/Conclusion and Question & Answer
9:30am Adjourn