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Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the variation of weight recurrence definitions
  2. Realize the psychological aspect of weight recurrence and evaluate for appropriate intervention
  3. Describe the pharmacologic options available for non-responders
  4. Recognize the endoscopic and surgical interventions after different primary bariatric procedures
  5. Appreciate the multidisciplinary approach in assessing weight recurrence

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1:30pm Introduction
1:35pm Can Weight Recurrence Be Defined?
1:45pm Weight Relapse: Behavioral Therapy is Sovereign
2:00pm Pharmacology Revolution Era: Is Surgery for Weight Recurrence Needed?
2:15pm Endoscopic Approaches for Non-Responders: The Ultimate Therapy
2:30pm Question & Answer
2:45pm Break
3:15pm After Gastric Band: Sleeve is Safe but Effective?
3:27pm After Sleeve Gastrectomy: The Ideal Surgery
3:39pm After Gastric Bypass: Duodenal Switch is Matchless
3:51pm After SADI-S and DS: Is Further Alteration of Anatomy Helpful?
4:03pm Medley
4:15pm Question & Answer
4:30pm Case Discussion #1
4:45pm Case Discussion #2
5:00pm Adjourn