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Learnning Objectives:

  1. Review the incidence of the common foregut disorders encountered in bariatric patients
  2. Review the diagnosis and management of esophageal disorders, GERD, gallbladder disease, hiatal hernias and other disorders in bariatric patients.
  3. Review the role of robotic surgery in the management of foregut disorders in bariatric patients.

The foregut course is a comprehensive review of commonly encountered foregut disorders in bariatric patients with an emphasis on the diagnosis and management of esophageal disorders, hiatal hernia, gallbladder disease, gastroparesis, GERD and many other disorders in patients who suffer from morbid obesity. The course will also review the management of acute foregut emergencies and the role of robotic surgery in managing foregut disorders in general. In addition the course will include multiple videos to illustrate the surgical techniques utilized in managing foregut disorders.

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8:00am Welcome and Introduction
8:05am Incidence and Management of Esophageal Disorders Following Bariatric Surgery
8:25am Incidence and Management of GERD / Barrett’s Following Bariatric Surgery
8:45am Management of Gallbladder Disorders Following Bariatric Surgery
9:05am ASMBS Guidelines for preoperative and postoperative upper endoscopy following Bariatric Surgery
9:25am Discussion
9:30am Break
9:50am Management of Hiatal Hernias Following Bariatric Surgery
10:10am Role of Robotic Assisted Surgery in Management of Complicated Foregut Disorders Following Bariatric Surgery? Is it Worth it? (pros and cons)
10:30am Acute Management of Foregut Emergencies
10:50am Management of Gastroparesis in Patients with Morbid Obesity
11:10am Video Presentations
11:10am Video 1
11:20am Video 2
11:30am Video 3
11:40am Video 4
11:50am Closing Question & Answer
12:00pm Adjourn