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Learning Objectives:


3:45pm How to Build Volume in Bariatric Surgery without compromising on Quality
Mohit V Bhandari, Dr., MD
3:53pm Debate 1- Robotic Bariatric Surgery is here to stay
Erik Wilson, MD; Raul Rosenthal, MD
4:03pm The future of Bariatric Surgery is Endoscopic Surgery
Manoel Galvao Neto, FASMBS MD MS
4:11pm What does the future hold for Bariatric Surgery with the advances in Obesity Medicine
Kelvin Higa, MD
4:19pm Debate 2- Linx is the best surgical option for GERD after Sleeve vs Prevent GERD with the N- Sleeve
David Nocca, MD; Camilo Boza
4:29pm The SADI will become the premier anastomotic procedure in the Bariatric Surgeon’s armamentarium
Antonio J Torres, MD FACS
4:37pm Is weight regain inevitable after Bariatric Surgery
Scott Shikora, MD
4:45pm Debate 3-TIFF done Endosocpically concomitant to a Surgical Hiatal Hernia repair makes perfect sense
Ninh T Nguyen, FACS MD; Rami Lutfi, MD
4:55pm What is the SASI Bypass
Tarek Mahdy, MD
5:03pm International Award Ceremony
Rana Pullatt, MD
5:30pm Adjourn