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The purpose of this symposium is to focus on complementary and novel approaches for optimizing the bariatric surgery experience and outcomes beyond weight. This symposium will explore complementary techniques, including guided imagery, sound therapy, and self-compassion to target anxiety, pain, and health behaviors, such as problematic eating.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore therapeutic interventions and strategies for alleviating anxiety before and after bariatric surgery.
  2. Identify new and innovative pain reduction strategies that represent promising options for bariatric surgery.
  3. Learn about self-compassion as a health behavior change and maintenance complementary technique.

1:30pm Introductions
1:35pm Envision a Successful Surgery Operationalizing Guided Imagery to Enhance the Patient Experience
1:55pm Sound clearing therapy - A way to cope with pain after bariatric surgery
2:15pm Self-Compassion for Health Behavior Change and Maintenance in Bariatric Surgery
2:35pm Discussion and Q & A
2:50pm Wrap Up
3:00pm Adjourn