We will have a two segment session:

The first one will address the "New trends in the treatment of obesity and in metabolic surgery”. The most important goal is to outline the near future of this worldwide important health problem not only from the surgical and endoscopic point of view, but from the new medical non-surgical approaches. At the end of this initial session the participants will have a complete panoramic view of how the new investigations and novel treatments are developing and shaping the future of our specialty.

The second part will be a “Video based education session”. In this segment the fellows of IFSO LAC Fellowship program will present the best documented cases in their training hospitals under the mentoring of their teachers. This very attractive session will allow these young surgeons to practice their presentation skills, to defend their treatment, and on the other hand, the audience will enjoy and learn about interesting real cases. It is always a fresh experience to discuss with young colleagues.

Worldwide New Trends in the Treatment of Obesity and Metaboli Surgery (Congress ASMBS 2024)
1:30pm Introduction
Sergio Aparicio
1:35pm Endoscopic Interventions in the Stomach
1:50pm Endoscopic Interventions in Small Bowel
Natan Zundel, FACS FASMBS MD
2:05pm Medical Treatment
Marina Kurian, MD FACS FASMBS
2:20pm Surgical Approach After Endoscopic Interventions
2:35pm Discussion
3:00pm Break
TBA Medical Tourism
Felipe J Cantu, Jr, MD
Video Based Education Session: IFSO LAC Fellowship Program
3:45pm Sleeve Gastrectomy to OAGB: A Rare Case of Intestinal Malrotation
4:00pm Hiatal Hernia in Bariatric Surgery
4:15pm Revisional Surgery: Sphincter Augmentation System to Roux- En-Y Gastric Bypass
4:30pm Reversal Surgery from Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass to Normal Anatomy
4:45pm Unexpected Gian Hiatal Hernia: What to do? Clinical Case Report
5:00pm Sleeve to SADI-S: Report of a case in a high-volume Bariatric Surgery Center
5:15pm Adjourn