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Learning Objectives:

  1. At the end of this course, bariatric BH clinicians will be able to:
  2. Demonstrate awareness of current best practices and guidelines in the BH assessment and management of patients seeking MBS in their practice.
  3. Identify evidence-based assessment and treatment strategies for different disordered eating behaviors that may be problematic and/or a contraindication to MBS.
  4. Recognize possible contraindications to MBS and formulate appropriate recommendations to address them.

This is an intensive course that will provide the foundations of knowledge relevant to the practice of bariatric behavioral health. This course will help bariatric BH clinicians to acquire relevant, evidence-based knowledge and skills, to improve competence in working with patients both pre- and post-metabolic/bariatric surgery (MBS). This course will also provide bariatric BH clinicians with a clinical framework and practical tools to use in practice with their patients.

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8:00am Introduction
8:10am Background: Obesity, Weight Stigma, Etiological Factors
8:45am Non-Surgical Treatments
9:00am Weight Loss Surgery Basics
9:30am Break
10:00am Evaluation - Process and Practice
10:30am Evaluation - Domains
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Evaluation - Formulating and Communicating Recommendations
1:50pm Post-operative regimen
2:15pm Post-op Patient Experience and Phenomenology
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Post-op Patient Experience and Phenomenology (part 2)
4:00pm Serious Psychosocial Complications
4:25pm Wrap-up (Resources/Articles)
4:30pm Final discussion/Q&A
5:00pm Adjourn