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This course is geared towards different business aspects of the various practices of metabolic and bariatric surgery. It addresses various concerns and obstacles in the business aspect of bariatric practices in both worlds, private and employed, including academic employment. The course touches on the basics, including contracting and maintaining a viable and profitable practice, all the way to best planning for exit strategy and retirement. Hot topics are also discussed such as the business aspects of medical weight management, ambulatory surgery centers, private equity and others

Learning Objectives

  1. Learning the basics of finances in bariatric practices
  2. Best practice in billing and collection, and what not to do in order to avoid penalties.
  3. Best way to read, comprehend, and negotiate employment contracts in both, the academic and private sectors
  4. Understanding the ROI (Return On Investment) concept when evaluating different marketing tools

8:00am Introductions/Welcome
8:05am Finance 101: An Introduction to the Language of Finance.
8:20am Bariatric Surgery and Your Hospital: Understanding Contribution Margin
Siva Vithiananthan, MD FACS
8:35am Hiring and firing. How to afford the best team
Aurora D Pryor
8:50am Optimizing Billing in Bariatric Surgery
Benjamin Clapp, MD FASMBS
9:05am “Do Not Do” list in billing and collections
Christopher Northup, MD
9:15am Profit=Collection-Overhead; Staying Positive
Colleen I Kennedy, FASMBS MBA MD
9:30am Break
Financial Nuances In Employment Contracts
10:00am Optimal practice debate: Private Practice
Pearl Ma, MD FACS FASMBS Diplomate of ABOM
10:05am Optimal practice debate: Healthcare System/Hospital Employment
Joshua D. Pfeiffer, MD FACS FASMBS
10:10am Optimal practice debate: Academic
Ricard Corcelles, MD PhD
10:15am Optimal practice debate: Rebuttal
Pearl Ma, MD FACS FASMBS Diplomate of ABOM; Joshua D. Pfeiffer, MD FACS FASMBS; Ricard Corcelles, MD PhD
10:21am The Chaos Between SEO and Organic Growth. Where Do I Invest My Marketing Dollars?
Carl Pesta, DO FASMBS
10:31am Social Media Platform; Can The Free Marketing Be Best Marketing?
Camilo Boza, MD
10:41am I’m I Too Young to Think Retirement? Enjoying The Presence While Securing The Future
Jeremy Sassanella
10:50am Question and Answer
11:05am Medical Weight Management; Turning The Competition To Profit
Carlos Galvani, MD FACS
11:20am Apps and Gizmos, Essential or Luxury?
11:35am Untangling Private Equity
Sunil Bhoyrul, MD
11:45am Thinking ASC? All You Need to Know For The Right Decision
Bo Neichoy, MD
11:55am Questions and Conclusions
12:00pm Adjourn