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An understanding of the basic science behind DS based surgeries. An understanding of their complications and treatments. Long term outcomes of SADI-S. Videos of techniques related to performing SADI-S. Videos of complications of SADI-S.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the basic science behind DS based surgeries.
  2. Discuss long term outcomes of SADI-S
  3. Present videos of techniques related to performing SADI-S.
  4. Share insights around program development for SADI-S.
  5. Discuss nutritional support and complications.
  6. Share videos of complications of SADI-S.
  7. Review complications and treatments related to SADI-S.

1:30pm Introduction
1:40pm Long term outcomes for SADI: 10 year update
1:50pm Understanding the role of GLP1, GIP, and Insulin Metabolisms in SADI-S
2:00pm Comparing SADI and OAGB: Finding the Right Fit
2:10pm The Mesenteric Dissection for SADI-S: methods, pitfalls, and pearls
2:20pm SADI-S: Does DI technique matter?: Techniques and Outcomes
2:30pm Hiatal hernia, GERD, LINX, and SADI-S: Ready for primetime?
2:40pm Robotic SADI: How I do it
2:50pm Mesenteric closure: yes or no, and how to do it?
3:00pm Question and Answer
3:00pm Break
3:30pm How to transition SADI/DS into my practice: a guide to safe adoption
3:40pm Vitamin, Mineral, and Protein: Nutritional guidelines SADI
3:50pm SADI Selection Process: Finding the Best Procedures for the Best Patient?
4:00pm Coding and reimbursement strategies
4:10pm Managing GI complications after SADI-S/DS
4:20pm Leak after SADI-S
4:30pm Protein calorie malnutrition after SADI-S/DS: Management strategies
4:40pm 438 Nutritional complications after malabsorptive surgery
4:50pm Choledocholithiasis and Biliary Access after SADI
5:00pm Adjourn