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This symposium will offer information on how to better support patients who experience complications post-bariatric surgery.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe common post-operative surgical complications
  2. Use evidence based strategies to effectively support patients with post-operative comlications from a medical, nutritional, and psychological perspective.
  3. Teach patients about maintaining motivation and when to seek support if they are struggling with post-operative complications.

TBA "How to provide informed consent without scaring patients? How to evaluate patient’s understanding of risks? Common themes of complications (early, late) Strategies to intervene post op Managing post-op expectations regarding weight loss and other comorbidity resolution"
TBA Article https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0033318218301452 Strategies to help prepare patients Strategies to enhance coping Managing mental health/QOL Risk factors before surgery like depression, anxiety that are worsened after complication (if any) Maintaining motivation when patient is feeling bad, having regret When should patients reach out?
TBA Common nutrition problems in post-op complications (feeding tube, extreme nausea/vomiting, dehydration, avoding vitamins, limited nutritional intake, only tolerating liquids) Tips and tricks to enhance nutritional, fluid, vitamin intake Afraid losing to much what too quickly but can’t eat very much Strategies for food aversion
5:15pm Adjourn