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9:40am A003 Robotic Assisted Bariatric Surgery Compared to Standard Laparoscopy- Utilization Trends, Outcomes, and Operative Times: MBSAQIP Data from 2018-2021
Authors: William Hope, MD; William Gourash, P.h.D C.R.N.P; Kristine Ruppert, D.PH; Ramesh Ramanathan, M.D. F.R.C.S. F.A.S.M.B.S
Presenter: William Hope, MD
9:46am A016 Incidental Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Resection during Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Kevin Sigley, DO; Michael M Franklin, DO; William O'Malley, MD
Presenter: Kevin Sigley, DO
9:52am A026 Identification of Pre-Operative Health Variables in the Bariatric Surgical PatientsJohnny Wen 1, Lena Wen (Torrance, CA), Houman Solomon1 (Medical Director Bariatric Wellness Center) Providence Medical Hospital, Torrance, CA 1
Authors: Johnny H Wen, PhD; Lena Wen, Student Researcher; Houman Solomon, Bariatric Surgeon
Presenter: Johnny H Wen, PhD
9:58am A037 Effect of Limb Length Ratio on Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Outcomes (CLIMB-1)Cleveland Intestinal Measuring Bypass study -1
Authors: Salvador Navarrete, MD; Thomas H. Shin, MD PhD; Doua Elamin, MD; Jerry T. Dang, MD PhD; Xiaoxi Feng, MD MPH; Andrew T. Strong, MD; Gustavo Romero-Velez, MD; Ali Aminian, MD FACS FASMBS; Matthew Kroh, MD; Ricard Corcelles, MD PhD
Presenter: Salvador Navarrete, MD
10:04am A048 Effectiveness of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Revisions on Weight Loss
Authors: Francisco Guzman, MD; Jack Liu, MS3; Rie Seu, MD; Justin Cheong, BS; Isha Punn, BE; Rithva Ramesh, BS; Abraham Krikhely, MD; Diego Camacho, MD; Erin Moran, MD; Marc Bessler, MD; Jenny Choi, MD
Presenter: Francisco Guzman, MD
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9:40am A005 Parahiatal hernia and Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Benjamin Clapp, MD FASMBS; Shahrukh Chaudhry, BS; Edgar Escalante Alderete, BS; Omar M. Ghanem, MD
Presenter: Benjamin Clapp, MD FASMBS
9:46am A107 Preoperative nutrition education may correlate with postoperative follow up
Authors: Aviv Ben-Meir, MD FACS DABS-FPMBS FASMBS; Nicole M Thompson, MS RD LD; Meredith Murdock, RD LDN; Courtney Holbrook, PhD
Presenter: Aviv Ben-Meir, MD FACS DABS-FPMBS FASMBS
9:58am A038 Deprivation Indices Contrast by Payer Status Suggesting Disparities in Access to Care
Authors: Michael Kachmar, DO; Florina Corpodean, MD; Iryna Popiv, DO; Michael W Cook, MD; Philip Schauer, MD; Robert L Newton, Jr., DO; Vance L Allbaugh, MD PhD
Presenter: Michael Kachmar, DO
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9:40am A006 Validation of the MBSC Outcomes Calculator in a Hispanic Population
Authors: Shahrukh Chaudhry, BS; Benjamin Clapp, MD FASMBS; Omar M. Ghanem, MD; Brian Davis, MD
Presenter: Benjamin Clapp, MD FASMBS
9:46am A018 Comparative Analysis of Robotic-Assisted Versus Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Authors: Prajakta Waghmare, BPharm MS PhD; I-Fan Shih, MS PhD; Matthew Brengman, MD MSHA FASMBS
Presenter: Prajakta Waghmare, BPharm MS PhD
9:52am A031 Developing a 6-Minute Walk Test Reference Equation for Patients with Morbid Obesity and Comparative Analysis with an Existing Model
Authors: Heidi Bednarchuk, APRN CNS; Sunghwan Choi, PT DPT OCS; Dilbar Abdurakhimova, MA; Joy Macheel, DPT; Yujin Jung, Undergraduate Student
Presenter: Heidi Bednarchuk, APRN CNS
9:58am A039 Impact of an Enhanced Recovery Protocol for Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: David Vavra, MD; Katelyn Mellion, MD MBA FACS; Brandon T Grover, MD; Joshua D. Pfeiffer, MD FACS FASMBS; Beth VanderWielen, MD; Allison Ecklund, BS
Presenter: David Vavra, MD
10:04am A052 Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Proton Density Fat Fraction Correlates with Histologic Proven Hepatic Steatosis in Obese Patients: Single Center Study of Korea.
Authors: Kyung Won Seo; KI HYUN KIM, MD; Kwang Il Seo, Professor
Presenter: Kyung Won Seo
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9:40am A008 Management of Ventriculoperitoneal Shunts in Laparoscopic Metabolic/Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Kevin Sigley, DO; William O'Malley, MD; Marie Jacobs, MD; Joseph Johnson, MD
Presenter: Kevin Sigley, DO
9:52am A032 Genetic Predisposition for Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer in a Bariatric Patient with a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: Challenges in Management and Surveillance, A Case Report
Authors: Matthew Jung, DO; Dominick Gadaleta, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Matthew Jung, DO
9:58am A040 Pre-Surgical Weight Stigma as a Predictor of Post-Bariatric Surgery Weight Change: A Review of the 1-Year Longitudinal Evidence
Authors: Hannah Farnsworth, PsyD; Dakota Leget, MA; Lara LaCaille, PhD; Rick LaCaille, PhD; Afton Koball, PhD; Chloe Backderf, BA; Alicia Niemann, Student
Presenter: Hannah Farnsworth, PsyD
10:04am A054 Management of Accidental Stapling Across Orogastric Tube During Revisionoal Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
Authors: Oscar A Olavarria, MD MS; Andrew Harner, MD; Naila H Dhanani, MD MS; Melissa Felinski, DO; Shinil Shah, 8416034, DO
Presenter: Oscar A Olavarria, MD MS
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9:40am A010 Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA) versus Volatile Anesthesia in Patients with Class III Obesity
Authors: Naofal K da SIlva, MD; Faiza A. Kamal, BMBS BMedSci (Hons); Gabriela Briceno, MD; Nusrath Iyoob, MD; Erica Archivolti, Researcher; Samantha Redden Chirinos, MD; Ajay K. Maharan, MBBS; Victor S. Arruarana, MD; Ernesto Calderon-Martinez, MD
Presenter: Naofal K da SIlva, MD
9:46am A021 Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Adolescents Undergoing Metabolic Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Nicholas Schmoke, MD; Christopher Nemeh, MD; Robert W Crum, MD; Emily C McManus, BS; Alexey Abramov, MD; Chunhui Wang, MD MPH; Paul Kurlansky, MD; Jeffrey Zitsman, MD
Presenter: Nicholas Schmoke, MD
9:52am A033 The Changes in Dietary Intake and Tolerance for Chinese Food after Bariatric Surgery in Taiwan
Authors: Yu-Ning Lin, MD; Keng-Hao Liu, MD
Presenter: Yu-Ning Lin, MD
9:58am A042 People Also Ask: What Do Patients Want to Know About Weight Loss Surgery and What Can Artificial Intelligence Tell Them?
Authors: Katherine Wang, BS; Sarah Kooper-Johnson, BA; Viknesh Kasthuri, AB; Sheila Partridge, MD; Susana C Wishnia, MD
Presenter: Katherine Wang, BS
10:04am A056 Patterns of Vitamin A Deficiency After Bariatric Surgery: A Retrospective Review of Data from a Bariatric Center of Excellence
Authors: David Burns, MD CNSP FACG FASPEN; David J Ramsey, MD PhD MPH; Abigail E Solom, MD MBA; Dmitry Nepomnayshy, MD
Presenter: Abigail E Solom, MD MBA
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9:40am A012 Bariatric Surgery Risk Stratification: Development of an easy-to-use tool for predicting morbidity and length of stay.
Authors: Matthew D Edwards, MD; Matthew P Madion, MD; Jacob C Balmer, MD; Eric Heidel, PhD; Kyle Kleppe, MD
Presenter: Matthew D Edwards, MD
9:46am A022 Psychosocial and psychological determinants of bariatric patients' post-surgical outcomes.
Authors: Heather L Fellmeth, Psy.D.; Dina Silverman, Ph.D.; Nimisha Rajesh, M.A.
Presenter: Heather L Fellmeth, Psy.D.
9:52am A034 The Novel Development of a Customized GPT for Bariatric Patients Obtaining Medical Weight Management
Authors: Maria Iliakova, MD; Tamara Lakose, Bariatric Coordinator
Presenter: Maria Iliakova, MD
9:58am A045 Patient Preferences for Metabolic Surgery: Does BMI and Operative Surgeon Make a Difference?
Authors: Florina Corpodean, MD; Michael Kachmar, DO; Michael W Cook, MD; Philip Schauer, MD; Vance Albaugh, MD PhD
Presenter: Florina Corpodean, MD
10:04am A057 Quality of life outcomes of Metabolic and Bariatric surgery tourism; a single-centre survey-based study
Authors: Haseeb Javed Khan, MBBS; Tahir Ebrahim Yunus, MBBS DABS DABOM FACS IFASMBS; Abdelrahman Nimeri, MD FACS; Haider Abbas, MPH; Abdul Kamil Ghumman, MBBS FCPS
Presenter: Haseeb Javed Khan, MBBS
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9:40am A013 Simplifying the Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation for Bariatric Patients: the Duke Activity Status Index
Authors: R. Luke Rettig, MD; Isaac Benque, Medical Student; Jackly M Juprasert, MD; Khuzaima Rangwalla, Medical Student; Stanley J Rogers, MD FACS FRCS FASMBS; Jonathan Carter, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: R. Luke Rettig, MD
9:46am A023 A Rare Events Model - Conversion Sleeve to Roux‑en‑Y Gastric Bypass is Associated with Increased Early Marginal Ulceration: A 2020-2021 MBSAQIP Analysis
Authors: Michael Kachmar, DO; Florina Corpodean, MD; Iryna Popiv, DO; Devan Lenhart, DO; Denise Danos, Dr., DO; Michael W Cook, MD; Philip Schauer, MD; Vance L Allbaugh, MD PhD
Presenter: Michael Kachmar, DO
9:52am A035 Five-Year MBSAQIP Database Analysis of Post-Operative Leak Rates for Robotic vs. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (SG) to Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB) Conversions
Authors: Shamon Gumbs, MD; Narayan Osti, MD; Arin Stowman, Medical student; Sebastian Valdivieso, MD; Brian Altonen, MS MPH; Ameer Aboud, MD; Karina McArthur, MD; Sharique Nazir, MD
Presenter: Shamon Gumbs, MD
9:58am A059 Conversion of Sleeve to Total Gastrectomy With Roux-en-Y Esophagojejunostomy for Incidental Gastric Adenocarcinoma
Authors: Oscar A Olavarria, MD MS; Shinil Shah, 8416034, DO; Peter Walker, MD
Presenter: Oscar A Olavarria, MD MS
10:04am A046 The Impact of Mood on Loss of Control Eating Over Time Following Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Gail Kerver, PhD; Joseph A Wonderlich, PhD; Theresah Amponsah, MS; Katherine Nameth, BS; Leslie Laam, PhD; Kristine Steffen, PhD PharmD; Leslie Heinberg, Ph.D.; Debra Safer, MD; Stephen Wonderlich, PhD; Scott G Engel, PhD
Presenter: Gail Kerver, PhD
Screen 8
9:46am A025 Bezoars after Gastric Bypass: Unusual Cause of Small Bowel Obstruction
Authors: Shamon Gumbs, MD; Sebastian Valdivieso, MD; Maria Guevara-Kissel, MD; Karina McArthur, MD
Presenter: Shamon Gumbs, MD
9:52am A036 Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Programs: Progress in Pennsylvania
Authors: Lisa Baro, MSN RN AGCNS-BC; Gunnar A Wolfe, MD; Stephan Myers, MD; Renee Riddle, MD FAAP DABOM; Vesta Salehi, MD
Presenter: Lisa Baro, MSN RN AGCNS-BC
9:58am A047 Robotic Bariatric Surgery Implementation in a Public Safety-Net Hospital Setting: Can Equivalent Outcomes be Obtained?
Authors: Sweta Bhagavatula, BS; Ashley Tran, MD; James Nguyen, MD; Stuart Abel, MD; Adrian Dobrowolsky, FACS FASMBS MD; Kamran Samakar, MD; Matthew Martin, MD
Presenter: Sweta Bhagavatula, BS
10:04am A060 Biliary dyskinesia following laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Hyo J Yang, MD; Tyler Oe, MD; Zoltan Nemeth, MD PHD; Ashish Padnani, MD FACS Diplomate of ABOM FASMBS
Presenter: Hyo J Yang, MD