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3:10pm A180 Comparing Weight Loss After Conversion To Sips From Sleeve Gastrectomy Vs. Gastric Bypass
Authors: Amy L Holmstrom, MD; Cheguevara Afaneh, MD; Omar Bellorin-Marin, MD FACS FASMBS; Greg Dakin, M.D. FACS; Arpit Gupta, MD
Presenter: Amy L Holmstrom, MD
3:16pm A190 Can Histopathological Analysis In Resected Sleeve Gastrectomy Specimen Help Guide Preoperative Planning?
Authors: Abby C Hankins, B.S.; ANJALI GRESENS, M.D.; Mohammad Hashim, M.D.; Michael McCormick, M.D.; Joseph Mullen, M.D.; Andrew Rickelmann, B.S.; Jacob Tatum, M.D.
Presenter: Mohammad Hashim, M.D.
3:22pm A198 Impact Of Health Factors County Health Ranking On Short-Term Primary Bariatric Surgery Outcomes
Authors: Abigail Pohl, BS; Michael Edwards, MD; Aaron Spaulding, Ph.D; Spencer Trooboff, MD MBA; Launia White, BS
Presenter: Abigail Pohl, BS
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3:10pm A182 Impact Of Multidisciplinary Patient Complexity Scoring On Bariatric Surgery Outcomes
Authors: Brandon Smith, MD; LaNaya Anderson, PhD; Brandon T Grover, DO FACS FASMBS; Afton Koball, PhD; Katelyn Mellion, MD FACS; Joshua D Pfeiffer, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Brandon Smith, MD
3:16pm A191 Trial Of Fluorescence Guided Gastric Calibration Tube For Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Lawrence Tabone, MD; Salim Abunnaja, MD; Sarah Assali, DO; Diane Bronikowski, MD; Rebekah Guillow, MD
Presenter: Diane Bronikowski, MD
3:22pm A199 Home Hospital For Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Sherif Aly, MD; David M. Levine, MD MPH MA; Robert G. Matthews, PA-C; Kavya Pathak, BA; Safwan Sarker, BS; Eric G. Sheu, MD PhD; Ali Tavakkoli, MD; Thomas C. Tsai, MD MPH; Ashley H. Vernon, MD
Presenter: Sherif Aly, MD
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3:10pm A183 Comparison Of Post-Operative Bleed Rates And Location Of Bleed Between Vessel Sealing Devices After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Dylan Cuva, MD; Patricia Chui, MD PhD; Peter Einersen, MD; Jeffrey Lipman, MD; manish parikh, MD; Julia Park, MD; John K Saunders, MD
Presenter: Dylan Cuva, MD
3:16pm A192 Patients Who Undergo Sleeve Gastrectomy Experience Durable Improvement In Physical Function But Not Mental Well-Being
Authors: Danny Mou, MD; Kirsten Dabekaussen, MD; Neil Ghushe, MD; Anne Li, MS MPH; Eric G. Sheu, MD PhD; Jennifer Shin, MD SM; Ali Tavakkoli, MD; Elizabeth Willard, MPH
Presenter: Danny Mou, MD
3:22pm A200 Comparison Of Outcomes In Patients Undergoing Sagb Vs Rygb In 2020 And 2021
Authors: Safraz A Hamid, MD; Joseph Canner, BS MHS; Grace Chao, MD; Karen E Gibbs, MD
Presenter: Sarfraz Khokhar, PhD
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3:10pm A184 Metabolic Syndrome And Its Risk Factors In Sexual Minority Women
Authors: Young Mee Choi, MD MPH; Amie Ashcraft, PhD MPH; Courtney Pilkerton, MD PhD; Keri A Seymour, DO MHSc FACS FASMBS; Nova Szoka, MD FACS FASMBS; Jun Xiang, MS
Presenter: Young Mee Choi, MD MPH
3:16pm A193 The Impact Of Socioeconomic Factors On Patient Outcomes Following Longitudinal Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Thuy Duong Doan, BA; Nicole Cherng, MD; Jeremiah Hyslip, BS; Richard Perugini, MD; Lyle Suh, BS
Presenter: Thuy Duong Doan, BA
3:22pm A201 Rural Bariatric Surgery: Definitions, Analysis, And Outcomes In Southwest Virginia
Authors: Bavana Ketha, MD; ASHLEY W GERRISH, MD; Kristin L McCoy, MD; Arnold D Salzberg, MD
Presenter: Bavana Ketha, MD
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3:10pm A185 Level Of Evidence Of Guidelines For Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery: An Evaluation Using The Appraisal Of Guidelines For Research And Evaluation Ii (Agree Ii) Tool
Authors: Yung Lee, MD; Laurent Biertho, MD; Jerry Dang, MD PhD; Aristithes Doumouras, MD; James Ellsmere, MD; Ahmad Elnahas, MD; Richdeep Gill, MD; Jeffrey Gu, MD PhD FRCSC; Krista Hardy, MD; Caroline Hircock, MD; Dennis Hong, MD MSc; Timothy Jackson, MD MPH; James Jung, MD PhD; Shahzeer Karmali, MD; Jigish Khamar, BHSc; Elaine Lam, MHSc MD FRCSC; Amy Neville, MD; Allan Okrainec, MD; Radu Pescarus, MD; Umair Tahir, BHSc; Ashley Vergis, MD MMEd; Boris Zevin, MD PhD
Presenter: Yung Lee, MD
3:16pm A194 The Effect Of Suture Fixation Of Twisted Sleeves On Symptomatic Functional Stenosis And Surgical Revision
Authors: Felix FT Thibeault, MD; Aghiles Abbad, MD; Ronald Denis, MD; Adam Di Palma, MD; Pierre Y. Garneau, MD; Radu Pescarus, MD; Anne-Sophie Studer, MD
Presenter: Felix FT Thibeault, MD
3:22pm A202 A Comparative Institutional Analysis Of Robotic Versus Laparoscopic Revisional Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Spyridon Giannopoulos, MD; Marisa Embry, MSN RN AGCNS-BC; Mohammad Kalantar, MD MPH; Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD PhD
Presenter: Seyed Mohammad Kalantar Motamedi, MD-MPH
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3:10pm A186 Comparison Of Single Fire Stapler Vs Multi Fire Staplers In Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Abi James, MD; Alan Saber, MD
Presenter: Abi James, MD
3:16pm A195 Expected Weight Loss After Completion Of A Duodenal Switch Remote From Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.
Authors: Arturo AT Torices Dardon, MD; Gintaras Antanavicius, MD; Candice R Chipman, MD; Luca Giordano, MD; Bakhtawar Mushtaq, MD; Mary Naglak, PhD RD LDN; Kristin M Noonan, MD
Presenter: Arturo AT Torices Dardon, MD
3:22pm A136 Primary Bariatric Surgery In Patients With Severe Obesity: Is There A Preferred Technical Approach? An Mbsaqip Survey
Authors: Wesley Thorne, MD; Marcoandrea Giorgi, MD; Yao Z Liu, MD; Andrew Luhrs, MD; Jenny Zhang, MD
Presenter: Wesley Thorne, MD
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3:10pm A188 Converting Bariatric Aftercare To Televideo Improves Access To Care In An Underserved Patient Population
Authors: Denston E Carey, Jr, MD; Samuel Adedeji, BS; Moyosore Alade, PA; Patricia Chui, MD PhD; Peter Einersen, MD; Jeffrey Lipman, MD; manish parikh, MD; Julia Park, MD; John K Saunders, MD; Eduardo Somoza, MD
Presenter: Denston E Carey, Jr, MD
3:16pm A196 Safe Adoption Of Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Surgery (Sips) In A Community Practice: A Cusum Analysis Of Learning Curve
Authors: Mark Jonker, MD FACS FASMBS; Eric Davies, MD FACS FASMBS; Ahmad Hider, MPhil; Hollis Hutchings, MD; Tommy Ivanics, MD MPH; Oliver A Varban, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Hollis Hutchings, MD
3:22pm A144 Time-Course Changes In Fecal Microbiome Communities Up To 12-Months After One-Anastomosis Gastric Bypass In Australian Patients With Morbid Obesity: A Pilot Study
Authors: Arun Dhir, FRACS; Urja Amin, BBMed; Ashley E Franks, PhD; Dora Y Huang, BMedSci MD PGDipAnat; Anya E Shindler, PhD; Colleen J Thomas, PhD
Presenter: Arun Dhir, FRACS
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3:10pm A189 Psychometric And Behavioral Changes 6 Months After Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Hispanic Females
Authors: Benjamin Clapp, MD; Maria Ahmad, MD; Deborah J Clegg, PhD; Thomas O'Neill, MD; Hugo Sandoval, PhD; Vishwajeet Singh, PhD; Seth Smith, Medical Student
Presenter: Benjamin Clapp, MD
3:16pm A197 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (Eras) Improves Clinical Outcomes In Adolescent Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Nicholas Schmoke, MD; Matthew Alexander, MD; Alexander Chalphin, MD; Robert W. Crum, MD; Tania Gennell, MD; Ashley Hiep Catarino, PA-C; Dana Schapiro, PA-C; Jeffrey L. Zitsman, MD; Director Center for Adolescent Bariatric Surg
Presenter: Nicholas Schmoke, MD
3:22pm A187 Does (Specimen) Size Matter? A Comparison Of Weight Loss And Specimen Size In Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Olivia Haney, MD; Taylor Loui, MD; Indraneil Mukherjee, MD; Nisha Narula, MD; Paula Rivera Millan, MD; Lisa Shimotake, MD
Presenter: Lisa Shimotake, MD