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12:10pm A146 Relationship Between Biologic Sex And Preoperative Body Mass Index On Weight Loss Outcomes After Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Ahmad Hider, MPhil; Aaron Bonham, MS; Anne P Ehlers, MD MPH FACS; Jonathan Finks, MD FACS; Jeffrey M Friedman, MD; Amir Ghaferi, MD MSc MBA FACS FASMBS; Oliver A Varban, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Oliver A Varban, MD FACS FASMBS
12:16pm A154 The Impact Of Geographical And Hospital Characteristics On Sleeve Gastrectomy Outcomes In A Nationwide Patient Sample.
Authors: Michael Bagnell, BS; Daniel B. Jones, MD MS FACS; Aziz Merchant, MD FACS; Bao-Ngoc Nasri, MD PhD; Theofano Zoumpou, MD
Presenter: Michael Bagnell, BS
12:22pm A164 Bariatric Surgery For The Treatment Of Adolescent Obesity In Children Aged 13 And Under: A Retrospective Study
Authors: Janey SA Pratt, MD; Matias A Bruzoni, MD; Rachel E Herdes, DO; Norah E Liang, MD
Presenter: Janey SA Pratt, MD
12:28pm A172 Impact Of Roux-En-Y Gastrojejunostomy Technique On Rates Of Marginal Ulceration: A Single Institution Experience
Authors: Patrick J Sweigert, MD; Stacy A Brethauer, MD; Annie Chen, MSc; Roukaya T Hassanein, MD; Vimal K Narula, MD; Bradley J Needleman, MD; Sabrena F Noria, MD PhD; Theresa N Wang, MD; Tarik K Yuce, MD
Presenter: Patrick J Sweigert, MD
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12:10pm A147 Short Term Cost Savings With Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty; A 30 Day Us Cost Conseqeunce Analysis
Authors: Erik Wilson, MD; Frank O'Neill, PhD.; Michael Ujiki, MD; Brandon VanderWel, MD
Presenter: Erik Wilson, MD
12:16pm A155 Social Determinants Of Health And Baseline Symptomatology In A Multimodal Weight Management Program
Authors: Genna Hymowitz, PhD; Farah Hasan, Student; J. Susie Hwang, MFA; Jennifer LaChapelle, Student; Jenna Palladino, PsyD; Devan Palmer, Student; Ian Penzel, PhD; Anastasia Philippopoulos, BA; Jill Stadterman, MA
Presenter: Genna Hymowitz, PhD
12:22pm A165 Achalasia Post Rygb: Literature Review.
Authors: George Angelakakis, BA; Abdul-rahman F Diab, MD; Bilal Koussayer, BS; Joseph Sujka, MD
Presenter: George Angelakakis, BA
12:28pm A173 Outcomes Of Bariatric Surgery In Patients With Established Heart Disease With Or Without Chronic Lower Limb Venous Disease: Propensity Score Matching Analysis Using The 2015-2021 Mbsaqip Database
Authors: Michael C Olaughlin, MD; Gina Adrales, MD; Alisa Coker, MD; Jorge Cornejo, MD; Christina Li, MD; Raul Sebastian, MD; Alba Zevallos, MD
Presenter: Michael C Olaughlin, MD
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12:10pm A148 Binge Eating Disorder Prevalence In A University-Based Obesity Clinic
Authors: Cindy Ho, BA; Zhamak Khorgami, MD; Robert Lim, MD FACS FASMBS; David Meehan, DO; Jesse R Richards, DO
Presenter: Cindy Ho, BA
12:16pm A156 Sunshine In My Pocket: Industry’S Payments To General Surgeons
Authors: Rizwan Ahmed, MD; Akshay Chauhan, MD; Kweku Hazel, MD; Patrick Hosokawa, MS; Kevin Rothchild, MD; Jonathan Schoen, MD
Presenter: Rizwan Ahmed, MD
12:22pm A166 Nomogram For Predicting Anemia 1 Year After Bariatric Surgery In Chinese Patients With Obesity
Authors: Yuntao Nie, MD; Baoyin Liu, M.D.; Hua Meng, M.D.; Ziru Tian, M.D.; Pengpeng Wang, M.D.
Presenter: Yuntao Nie, MD
12:28pm A174 Exploring The Perspectives Of Patients With Weight Recurrence After Primary Bariatric Surgery: A Journey Mapping Approach
Authors: Spyridon Giannopoulos, MD; Jessica Bentley, BA MFA; William Hilgendorf, PhD; Wendy S Li, MD; Jill D Nault Connors, PhD MSW MS; Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD PhD; Terri Wada, MFA
Presenter: Seyed Mohammad Kalantar Motamedi, MD-MPH
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12:10pm A149 Similar Outcomes Of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty In Surgical And Gastroenterology Practices In The United States
Authors: Khushboo Gala, MBBS; Barham Abu Dayyeh, MD; Andres Acosta, MD; Karim Al Annan, MD; Waleed Aljohani, MD; Vitor Brunaldi, MD PhD; Enad Dawod, MD; Qais Dawod, MD; Sabrina Galindo, MS; Omar Ghanem, MD; Wissam Ghusn, MD; Prashant Kedia, MD; Connie Klein, APRN CBN; Ashley Kucera, MPH; Daniel Maselli, MD; Christopher McGowan, MD MSCR; Manpreet Mundi, MD; Emily Pipinich, RN; Syed Hamaad Rahman, DO; Angielyn Rivera, MD; Omar Saab, MD; Lea Sayegh, MD; Meera Shah, MB CH B; Reem Sharaiha, MD; Andrew Storm, MD; Michael Ujiki, MD; Brandon VanderWel, MD; Eric Vargas, MD MS; Erik Wilson, MD
Presenter: Khushboo Gala, MBBS
12:16pm A157 Porto-Mesenteric Vein Thrombosis After Bariatric Surgery: A Six-Year Review At Our Institution.
Authors: Maryam Khurram, Bachelor of Science (in progress); Arsalla Islam, M.D. F.A.C.S.; Fakeha Masood, M.D.; Mistey Patterson, B.S.N. R.N C.B.N.; Heath Smith, M.D. F.A.C.S.
Presenter: Maryam Khurram, Bachelor of Science (in progress)
12:22pm A167 Has Expansion Of Guidelines On Bariatric Surgery For Class 1 Obesity Impacted Practice? National Trends And Outcomes In Class 1 Obesity (Bmi 30-35 Kg/M2) From 2015 To 2021
Authors: Paul Wisniowski, MD; Stuart Abel, MD; Adrian Dobrowolsky, MD; Lauren Hawley, MD; Matthew Martin, MD; James Nguyen, MD; Kamran Samakar, MD
Presenter: Paul Wisniowski, MD
12:28pm A175 Sleeve With Proximal Jejunal Bypass- 3 Year Follow Up Data
Authors: Nandakishore Dr Dukkipati, MD DABS
Presenter: Nandakishore Dr Dukkipati, MD DABS
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12:10pm A150 Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis Of Outcomes After Sleeve Gastrectomy With Concurrent Fundoplication
Authors: Scott Z Mu, MD; Abi James, MD; Alan Saber, MD
Presenter: Scott Z Mu, MD
12:16pm A158 Efficacy Of Adjuvant Weight Loss Medications In Post-Bariatric Surgery Patients Regarding Weight, Insulin Resistance, & Hyperlipidemia
Authors: Michael A Zeitchek, DO; Erica Amianda, MHA PA-C; Angela Dang, PA-C; Sebastian Eid, MD; Douglas Ewing, MD FACS; Jeffrey Kraft, MD; Hans Schmidt, MD FACS
Presenter: Michael A Zeitchek, DO
12:22pm A168 Outcomes Of Concomitant Cholecystectomy During Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Christopher McMillian, MD; Aman B Ali, MD; Mari T Galang, APRN AGACNP; Linda W Moore, PhD; Diana M Panciera, DO; Vadim Sherman, MD; Nabil Tariq, MD; Jiaqiong Xu, PhD
Presenter: Christopher McMillian, MD
12:28pm A176 Racial Disparities In Preoperative Weight Loss In Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Karina W Lo, MD; Aixa Perez Coulter, MS MPH; John Romanelli, MD; Michael Tirabassi, MD
Presenter: Karina W Lo, MD
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12:10pm A151 Sleeve Gastrectomy With Versus Without Buttressing Using The Polyglycolic Acid:Trimethylene Carbonate (Pga:Tmc) Material
Authors: Sarah Alfieri, BS; Abdul-rahman F Diab, MD; Salvatore Docimo, Jr., DO MS FASMBS; Christopher G DuCoin, MD MPH FACS FASMBS; Joseph Sujka, MD
Presenter: Sarah Alfieri, BS
12:16pm A159 Revision Of Sleeve Gastrectomy To Single-Anastomosis Duodenoileal Bypass: One-Year Outcomes Comparing 300Cm Vs 250Cm Common Channel Length
Authors: Adeel Ashfaq, MD MBA MPH; Robert A Casillas, MD; Karen J. J Coleman, PhD
Presenter: Adeel Ashfaq, MD MBA MPH
12:22pm A169 Preoperative Semaglutide Treatment In Adolescents Anticipating Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Matthew Hornick, MD; Rachel Goldberg-Gell, APRN; John Morton, MD MPH; Michelle Van Name, MD
Presenter: Matthew Hornick, MD
12:28pm A177 Contemporary Differences In Clinical Outcomes Following Primary Versus Conversion Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass
Authors: Vincent Cheng, MD; Matthew Ashbrook, MD MPH; Gary G Grinberg, MD; James Nguyen, MD; Kamran Samakar, MD; Paul Wisniowski, MD; Panduranga Yenumula, MD
Presenter: Vincent Cheng, MD
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12:10pm A278 Glp-1 Receptor Agonist Use For Weight Loss Management After Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Brenda Lin, MD; Ann Smith, MD MPH; Claire Stauffer, PA-C MPH
Presenter: Brenda Lin, MD
12:16pm A161 Longer Operative Times Are Associated With Pulmonary Embolus In Rygb And Sleeve Gastrectomy: An Mbsaqip Analysis
Authors: Hugo Villanueva, MD; James T Dove, BA; Mark Mahan, DO; Benefsha Mohammad, MD; Vladan N Obradovic, MD; David M Parker, MD; Dr. Anthony T Petrick, MD FACS; Thomas W Walls, Student
Presenter: Hugo Villanueva, MD
12:22pm A170 Magnetic Gastro-Jejunostomy In A Swine Model Over 6 Weeks. Safety And Efficacy
Authors: Michel Gagner, MD FRCSC FACS FASMBS; Todd Krinke, B.Sc.; Maxime Lapointe-Gagner, B.Sc.
Presenter: Michel Gagner, MD FRCSC FACS FASMBS
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12:10pm A153 Perioperative Outcomes For Biliopancreatic Diversion With Duodenal Switch In African Americans; Six-Year Analysis Of The Mbsaqip Database
Authors: Samuel Perez, BS; Connor K Klingele, BS; Andrew Wheeler, MD
Presenter: Samuel Perez, BS
12:16pm A162 Ethnicity And Weight Loss Trajectory Are Associated With Weight Loss Nadir In Adolescent And Young Adult Patients Following Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Matthew Hornick, MD; Andrew Duffy, MD; Saber Ghiassi, FACS FASMBS MD MPH; John Morton, MD MPH; Geoffrey Nadzam, MD
Presenter: Matthew Hornick, MD
12:22pm A171 Health Disparities In Sleeve Gastrectomy Based On Nationwide Database.
Authors: Michael Bagnell, BS; Daniel B. Jones, MD MS FACS; Aziz Merchant, MD FACS; Bao-Ngoc Nasri, MD PhD; Theofano Zoumpou, MD
Presenter: Michael Bagnell, BS
12:28pm A179 Cardiac Arrest After Elective Primary Bariatric Surgery: An Analysis Of Clinical Outcomes And Predictors In The Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery Accreditation And Quality Improvement Program (Mbsaqip) Data Registry.
Authors: Roberto J Valera, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD/PhD; Lisandro Montorfano, MD; Carlos Rivera, MD; Raul Rosenthal, MD; Mauricio Sarmiento-Cobos, MD; Samuel Szomstein, MD
Presenter: Roberto J Valera, MD