Learning Objectives

  1. Review exceptional research papers to expand our knowledge of the impact of bariatric surgery on patient health.
  2. Utilize video format to disseminate techniques for management of challenging surgical situations.
  3. Communicate with authors, moderators, scheduled discussants and other audience members about new ideas and skills.

3:51pm A163 Management of Early Recurrent Hiatal Hernia After Sleeve Gastrectomy and Hiatal Hernia Repair
Authors: Michelle Nessen, MD; Shauna Levy, MD MS FACS; John Baker, MD FACS; Abdallah Attia, MD
Presenter: Michelle Nessen, MD
4:01pm A076 Use of Pre-operative Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Agonists and Impact on Weight Loss Following Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Russell E Herberg, MD; Joshua D. Pfeiffer, MD FACS FASMBS; Brandon T Grover, MD
Presenter: Russell E Herberg, MD
4:08pm A089 Robotic Gastro-Pleural Fistula Takedown with Roux-en-Y Reconstruction
Authors: Luke S Crawford, MD; Francisco Guerra, Jr, MD; Erik B Wilson, MD; Kulvinder Bajwa, MD
Presenter: Luke S Crawford, MD
4:18pm A171 Gut microbiota’s shift 1 year after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y vs One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass
Authors: Gianfranco Silecchia, MD PhD; Cristian E Boru, MD PhD
Presenter: Gianfranco Silecchia, MD PhD
4:25pm A096 Robotic Sleeve Gastrectomy to Gastric Bypass in a Case of Situs Inversus: A Case Report
Authors: Naofal K da SIlva, MD; Jonathan Chino, MD; Shohab Virk, MD MBA; Michelle Gallas, PhD; Anthony Gonzalez, MD
Presenter: Naofal K da SIlva, MD
4:35pm A479 Extensive weight loss prior to bariatric surgery is associated with worse outcomes
Authors: Michaela N Simoncini, MD MPH; Marcoandrea Giorgi, MD; Andrew Luhrs, MD
Presenter: Michaela N Simoncini, MD MPH
4:42pm A173 Robotic Redo Heller Myotomy and Gastryc Bypass in Recurrent Achalasia And Morbid Obesity
Authors: Emiliano Gabriel Manueli Laos, MD; Alvaro Ducas, MD; Beatriz Figueroa-Díaz, MD; Paula Lopez, MD; Alberto Mangano, MD; Mario A. Masrur, MD
Presenter: Emiliano Gabriel Manueli Laos, MD
4:52pm A159 Early Bowel Obstruction Remains Uncommon: A Rare Events Model of the MBSAQIP from 2015-2021
Authors: Teresa H Schauer, BS; Michael Kachmar, DO; Florina Corpodean, MD; Iryna Popiv, DO; Devan Lenhart, DO; Denise Danos, Dr., DO; Michael W Cook, MD; Philip Schauer, MD; Vance Albaugh, MD PhD
Presenter: Teresa H Schauer, BS
4:59pm A367 Robotic Stricturoplasty and Gastro-gastrostomy for Gastric Sleeve Stenosis
Authors: Rebecca C Dirks, MD; George Baison, MD; Ranjan Sudan, MD
Presenter: Rebecca C Dirks, MD