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Learning Objectives

  1. Review exceptional research papers to expand our knowledge of the impact of bariatric surgery on patient health.
  2. Utilize video format to disseminate techniques for management of challenging surgical situations.
  3. Communicate with authors, moderators, scheduled discussants and other audience members about new ideas and skills.

8:06am A232 Endoscopic Kissing Stents and Endoseton for the Management of Gastric Outlet Obstruction After Vertical Banded Gastroplasty
Authors: Oscar A Olavarria, MD MS; Erik B Wilson, MD
Presenter: Oscar A Olavarria, MD MS
8:16am A080 National trends in utilizing revisional surgeries post-LSG due to GERD and recurrent weight gain: A matched case-control analysis
Authors: Thomas H. Shin, MD PhD; Pourya Medhati, MD; Vasundhara Mathur, MD; Abdelrahman Nimeri, MD; Eric G Sheu, MD PhD; Ali Tavakkoli, MD
Presenter: Thomas H. Shin, MD PhD
8:23am A258 Roux-en-O creation during robotic 2nd stage Roux-en-Y gastric bypass after open AGB removal: how to prevent it and correct it
Authors: Rodolfo J Oviedo, MD FACS FASMBS FICS DABS-FPDMBS; Adel Abou-Mrad, MD; Yeisson Rivero, MD; Samantha Redden-Chirinos, MD; Victor Bolivar, MD; Omar F Gaytan Fuentes, Sr., MD; Seiichi Kitahama, MD; Beniamino Pascotto, MD; Pierre Blanc, Md
Presenter: Rodolfo J Oviedo, MD FACS FASMBS FICS DABS-FPDMBS
8:33am A447 Long Term (> 15 Year) Outcomes Following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
Authors: Christopher D Still, DO; Peter Benotti, MD; David M Parker, MD; Vladan Obradovic, MD; Anthony Petrick, MD; John J Nguyen-Lee, MD MEd; Michael J Furey, DO MSMED; Craig Wood, MS; Luis Pina, MD; Mark Mahan, DO; Ryan Horsley, DO; Benefsha Mohammad, MD; Alexandra Falvo, MD
Presenter: John J Nguyen-Lee, MD MEd
8:40am A303 Resection of Esophageal Leiomyoma During Hiatal Hernia Repair and Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
Authors: Athena A Bain, MD; Dylan Wolff, MD; Michelle Nessen, MD; John Baker, MD FACS; Carlos Galvani, MD FACS; Shauna Levy, MD MS FACS
Presenter: Athena A Bain, MD
8:50am A443 First 1000 cases of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty in Asia
Authors: Manoel Galvao Neto, IFASMBS MD MS; Mohit Bhandari, Dr., MS FMAS; Winni Mathur, BPT MBA(HA) Phd; Andre Teixeria, MD IFASMBS FASGE
8:57am A218 Laparoscopic Omega Loop Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Complicated by Undiagnosed Congenital Intestinal Malrotation
Authors: Sharika Kaula, MD; Tyler Cohn, MD
Presenter: Sharika Kaula, MD
9:07am A311 5-year results of SADI-S: 250 vs 300 cm common channel length. Retrospective comparison.
Authors: Andres Sanchez-Pernaute, MD/PhD; Mar√≠a Eugenia Ossola Revilla, MD; Miguel Ángel Rubio-Herrera, MD PHD; Amador García Ruiz de Gordejuela, MD PHD FACS; Óscar González López, MD; María Elia Pérez Aguirre, MD; Antonio J Torres, MD PhD FACS (Hon) FASMBS; Javier Osorio, MD PHD
Presenter: Andres Sanchez-Pernaute, MD/PhD
9:14am A169 Gastric Sleeve Leak Revision
Authors: Frank Buchanan, MD MBA; Andrea Stroud, MD MS; Stephanie Wood, MD FACS; Sergio T Toledo, MD FACS; Tiffany C Lee, MD
Presenter: Frank Buchanan, MD MBA