Sanita Ley, PhD
  • Associate Professor
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • Cincinnati, OH United States


Dr. Sanita Ley is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center who specializes in working with youth with obesity. She delivers evidence-based behavioral interventions to youth in obesity-related medical subspecialty clinics (i.e., Type 2 Diabetes, Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease). She also conducts pre-operative psychosocial assessments for adolescents who are considering undergoing metabolic and bariatric surgery. Her clinical work and knowledge base as a supervisor are informed by her foundational training in her National Institutes of Health T32 Research Fellowship in Child Behavior and Nutrition as well as by her established publication record in the area of childhood obesity and of psychosocial correlates of adolescent bariatric surgery.