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Francisco J Jacome, MD
  • Bariatric Surgeon
  • Midtown Surgical Specialists
  • Augusta, GA United States


Experienced Bariatric surgeon from Ecuador, South America, with over 10 years of expertise. He has successfully performed more than 3000 cases and is known for his passion for patient care and outcomes. Dr Jacome completed his medical education at the Catholic University of Ecuador and his surgery residency at East Tennessee State University. He further specialized in Bariatric surgery through a fellowship at the University of Miami. Alongside his surgical practice, Dr. Jacome has a keen interest in integrating technology and artificial intelligence (AI) into surgery. He believes in the power of AI to enhance surgical precision and improve patient outcomes. Dr. Jacome is dedicated to providing personalized care and comprehensive support to his patients, aiming to make a positive impact on their lives. With his expertise, compassionate approach, and commitment to innovation, Dr. Jacome is a trusted and respected figure in his community.