Sharon Hillgartner, RN-CBN FASMBS-IH
  • Bariatric Program Coordinator Providence & MBSCR-LTC
  • Providence-St Patrick Hospital & Lynne Thompson Consulting
  • Frenchtown, MT United States


A longtime Patient Advocate dedicated to helping patients navigate their weightloss journey and a Bariatric Specialist helping hospitals develop safe, compliant programs; Sharon has been active in health promotion and bariatrics since 2005. Working as a nurse practioner, coordinator, MBSCR and program director, she has aspired to work on Quality Improvement in each of these settings. After many years as a program coordinator and NP, Sharon relocated from the Dallas/Ft Worth Area to Missoula, MT to be closer to grandchildren and took on a remote MBSCR role. After retiring her NP, Sharon recently returned to a RN coordinator position for a small program in Missoula in September 2022 and helped them attain their initial accreditation in August of 2023. She continues to work as an MBSCR remotely for a program in Tucson. Sharon was honored to be named an integrated health ASMBS fellow in February 2024.