Peter S Billing, MD FASMBS
  • Director of Bariatric Surgery
  • Transform Weight Loss
  • Kirkland, WA United States


I have been in private practice for two decades primarily in Seattle. I did the first day-case sleeve gastrectomy in a free-standing ambulatory surgery center in 2008. These outcomes have been published in SOARD and provide protocols for patient selection and safety for ambulatory bariatric surgery. I later founded Transform Weight Loss, LLC (TWL). It is a retail startup company with the goal of disrupting commercial weight loss programs. We offer telehealth services and in person clinical care in our retail locations. Our scalable practice model offers patients easy access to bariatric (weight loss) services. We provide comprehensive care through a combination of medical and/or surgical services. These medical weight loss services include bariatrician consultations, medications (GLP1RA), nutritional coaching, telehealth visits, biometric composition testing (DEXA), and a tracking app with remote patient monitoring. This comprehensive, customized, concierge care has potential for disrupting wellness programs by improving access in a nonthreatening environment with lower cost solutions.